Throughout this site, you will find links to various resources you may find useful as you familiarize yourself with the iPad and/or iPad 2. Browse the site to find the introductory PowerPoint presentation, suggested apps for each curricular area, handouts from the face-to-face staff development sessions, iPad and apps reviews, and a place for you to post and/or respond to questions and comments related to your experiences with iPads and other hand-held devices. I hope you have enjoyed your new adventures with the digital tools!
One of my favorite new apps this week is the Voicethread app. Screen_Shot_2012-03-13_at_2.35.42_PM.png
This is a site to create collaborative and multimedia slides that you can navigate and leave comments for. Each slide can hold images, videos or documents such as PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents that can be commented by the people you choose to share your Voicethread. You can write a text, record your voice using a microphone or telephone, film yourself using your web cam or upload an audio file to comment. You can draw as you record your comment. Viewers can see your doodling on the slide as they watch your comment. You can moderate comments before you publish them. Children can talk about a picture, brainstorm on different ideas, discuss a topic or a video they have watched, retell a story, talk about what they did last week/summer holiday, give feedback to their friends, make sentences using the new learnt vocabulary . You can also use this tool for drilling and practicing the language they have learned at class.